Allow us to introduce our company. Puredew International Pte Ltd is a marketing and distribution company. Our main objective is to market a wide range of water purification system to cater for customer needs. Ensuring our after sales service stands on the FIRST PRIORITY of our policy.

Puredew International Pte Ltd has the honor to be the Distributor of the largest manufacturer of a wide range of branded Reverse Osmosis water treatment, as well as filtration water purification system in the U.S.A, Korea and Taiwan.

The purification systems offer the most cost effective method to obtain pure drinking water for offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, homes and etc.

Maintain a healthier lifestyle by drinking CLEAN water everyday.

We believed with the purchase of our water purifier, you not only help your company to save unnecessary cost, but also help to improve the productivity and healthy lifestyle of the staff and management alike.

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